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Fodac Passion Fruit grabs the bull by the horns

If your life sucks, nothing goes right, your jalopy won’t start and your son looks like your neighbor, listen to what we have to say: we can’t help. But calm down, easy man, this is what we have to offer. The new Fodac has just been launched, and it’s passion fruit flavor, to help you let sleeping dogs lie.   

Now you must be thinking “oh wow, another passion fruit flavor on the market? How the hell are they reading my mind? Help!”. Take it easy man, we’ve told you to relax … let me say that again, nicely: this passion fruit flavor is putting others to shame. We know what we’re doing, damn it!  

So, from now on, when things get really nasty, your wife, husband, or whatever, can prepare a hookah session with Fodac Passion Fruit and you’ll relax.   

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