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Fodac Charcoal



Linha amarela

Bad smell leaves only the fart of your partner kkkkk. My coal does not smell, does not taste, it is almost as if it had Covid. Just joking, don't take it personally. But seriously, there are only advantages at Fodac with quality charcoal.


Linha amarela

It is natural, made from the purest coconut shell. Chosen by the guy who really makes good charcoal. It is as natural as daylight, but if the light ends, you can be sure that the charcoal will light up with the natural glow that we enjoy.


Linha amarela

It is the standard coal Gisele Bunchenn of the coals. No complains, because I know what really matters is the perfect size, a shape that doesn’t bounce around and also heats the brunette’s heart.

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It's a damn coal. That charcoal really gets Fodac, it gives heat even to the brunette's heart. Not lame, he is super resistant. It leaves no smell or taste, just like some things out there. Made from coconut shell, it is more natural than the Villa Mix crowd. If you didn't like it, Fodac, but light my charcoal and make a shisha cause you look nervous.


Have you already assembled the bowl? So put 3 pieces of coal, lit right please

Wait a minute, 2 to 3 minutes.

Rotate the coals, for your essence to heat.

Keep an eye on the heat control, hit as much as you like, and you can reposition as you will.

IIIII left in the same place? Roasted your tobacco, go back to the beginning.

This basic here ensures that you can do a session of more than 1h. Then you can smoke and post a photo on Instagram.


3 coals leave little space for the tobacco to breathe. Then put 2 so it is fine.


Even with 3 coals the rosh can breathe, so put 3 on top.