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Enough of bad coal, Fu#$%$ Coal

Fodac now launches hookah charcoal, which is for those who only complain that there is bad charcoal on the market.

I really did,, now Fodac has coal. Fodac coal is better than any you have seen before, do you know why? Because there is nothing better than playing Fodac, on the lighter.

Fodac charcoal leaves no smell, leaves no taste. Your little nose will be safe when putting it on. Even because we know that there is something worse that you smell right kkkkkk.

The size is standard and hexagonal, every self-respecting Brazilian knows what I’m talking about. Best model of the piece, so you don’t jump every time you pull it and it doesn’t cause accidents. Your mother’s rug thanks us.

It is produced with coconut shell, a practical material when producing, in addition to being the best raw material for combustion. That is, it burns like hell.

Want to buy our coal and don’t know how? Call me on Insta that I have several contacts that I can refer you.

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