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Chevette flavor and madness starts like this

Eeeeeee Chevettão bro, this is the drink that everyone likes I know, so why not make it also in essence? We made Fodac ourselves and created the Chevette flavor as well as the drink, flavored with coconut water, lemon and vanilla. A sweetness that when it takes the step enters the package. 

We thought a lot about creating that flavor, a lie that I did not think anything, for those who like to drink everything but do not like the next day, the damn hangover. Our flavor has no alcohol, too bad my boss, but you can call your friends and put Fodac in it. 

So, go to the tobacco shop, call the owner there and tell him to sell you a package of Chevette that today is all about it. Put the charcoal on and send me there on Insta, I want to see everyone getting in trouble with Chevette. 

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